Let's Talk Trash

Tonto Brands Proudly Introduces The J-Clip - Trash Cans Best Friend!

The J Clip installs in seconds and secures your trash bag 3 different ways.

  • Slide the J Clips down over trash bag on 2 or 4 sides of trash can
  • Install the J Clips on trash can, then slide bag sides inside Clip and attach over “Clip Tooth”.
  • Install the J Clips on trash can, then slide bag side over each Clip and snap back against trash can.

Now do yourself, your trash cans, your trash bags and the Earth We All Share a big favor for the same cost of just one fast food combo meal!

Order your J Clips Today! Remember to use any “Buy Code” you have that will automatically bonus you free J Clips and J Ties.

It’s just a click away….your Trash Cans are waiting!


No More Mess

Say goodbye to splitting and
collapsing bags and that inevitable messy clean up!

Save Money

The J-Clip and J-Tie Extra Maximum Fill benefit guarantees you'll simply buy fewer bags year-round!

Protect Environment

Upgrading all your trash cans with J-Clips can save up to 10 Billion plastic bags from ending up in landfills
every year!


Purchase Your J-Clip Pack Today!