Tonto Brands Proudly Introduces The J-Tie – Trash Bags Best Friend!

Product Coming Soon! Check Back!

Imagine those plastic clips you use to re-seal that loaf of bread at home. Now re-design and re-size it and you have the J-Tie!
  • The J-Tie Seals Every Size Trash Bag In Your Home.
  • The J-Tie Allows Extra Maximum Fill Every Time. Don't Have To Allow Enough Bag To Tie A Bag Knot.
  • The J-Tie Is Manufactured With The Environment In Mind Unlike Those Other Ties And Clips. Oxi-Biodegradable Guarantees It.
  • The J-Ties Will Conveniently Hang From Your J-Clip.
  • The J-Tie Effectively Seals Those Cinch Tie Bags That Still Leave A Hole At The Top.
  • The J-Tie Can Proudly Display Full Color Company Logos
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The J-Tie Product is Coming Soon! Check Back Often.