Tonto Brands was founded on one simple mission 

“To provide consumers worldwide an array of innovative, affordablehousehold products designed to improve daily living andhave a positive environmental impact on the earth we all share”.

This solid commitment comes directly from the Tonto Brands’ ownership team that has contributed its own unique perspective and extensive, practical experience to this mission. There’s no better products to exemplify Tonto Brands’ philosophy
than the debut launch of the 'J-Clip', and the 'J-Tie'.

Why? Because there have never been products that deliver what the J-Clip and J-Tie combo can do.

The J-Clip easily installs in seconds on all of your household trash units. The trash bags you purchase, and the “free” plastic grocery bags you may currently use are instantly customized to fit securely and hold in place, delivering a “maximum fill” every time. No more bags splitting, slipping, and caving in. No more mess, fuss, and annoying clean up in tying off and disposing of bags that are only partially full. This happens countless times every day in homes throughout America,
needlessly sending millions of plastic trash bags to the landfill.

The environmentally engineered J-Tie allows for “Super Maximum Fill” on every trash bag, conveniently hangs from the J-Clip for easy access, and seals every trash bag completely. The J-Tie is a consumable product with the potential of raising millions for Tonto Brands’ designated non-profit partners for many years to come.

So, with the J-Clip you’ll eliminate the irritating trash bag hassles you’ve been frustrated by, and you’ll be joining millions of families and businesses throughout the U.S. in dramatically reducing the number of plastic trash bags ending up in landfills. The J-Tie is the perfect partner to the J-Clip, and a unique consumable non-profit fundraising dyanamo!  Plus, you’ll be joining Tonto Brands’ ongoing company efforts to encourage and promote existing plastic trash bag recycling programs
throughout the U.S. Consider this.

Stats show that if every American household upgraded their household trash units with the J-Clip,
it could save up to 10 billion plastic trash bags from going into landfills every year!

Read on and find out more about the J-Clip….your “Trash Cans Best Friend”, and the J-Tie….your “Trash Bags Best Friend”.

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A Solid commitment to sustainability

“Conserve The Earth We Share” is the very core of Tonto Brands’ mission. Innovative, yet simple products that make daily life a little easier and adhere to conscientious manufacturing practices. We believe that there are no better products to exemplify the Tonto Brands overall mission than the debut of the J-Clip and the J-Tie.


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